Marina Kos

Marina Kos

Marina Kos, MD, PhD, graduated in medicine from the Medical School University of Zagreb, and trained in pathology in Pula and Zagreb. During her residency she finished postgraduate studies in clinical cytology and wrote a master’s thesis on thyroid pathology. She began working at the Institute of Pathology Medical School University of Zagreb and Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics Petrova of the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb in 1992. Gynecological, fetal and perinatal pathology became the main fields of her interest, and in 1996. she defended her doctoral thesis „Pathological changes of placentas from pregnancies with abnormal Doppler measured blood flow“. She updated her education by spending a month at the Dpt. of Pathology, Medical Faculty of Granada, Spain, with prof. Nogales, and at several ESCoPs and international courses in gynecological and pediatric pathology. Besides lecturing to undergraduate medical students in Croatian, she became Course Coordinator for Pathology to undergraduate medical students in English in 2004. and has been lecturing in English ever since. She also lectures at postgraduate studies, doctoral studies and many postgraduate courses. She published a number of peer reviewed publications, several chapters in international textbooks and is the first author of the textbook „Placental Pathology Basics“ (in Croatian), published in 2011. In 2017. She was awarded the „Ljudevit Jurak Award“ for her engagement in comparative vetrerinary/human pathology. In 2012 and again in 2016. she was elected president of the Croatian Society of Pathology and Forensic Medicine. She is a member of the Council of thr ESP, thr Advisory Board of the European Society of Pathology, Gynaecopathology Working Group of the ESP, and member of the ESGO. Presently, she is employed at the Clinical Department of Pathology and Cytology „Ljudevit Jurak“ of the Clinical Hospital Center „Sestre Milosrdnice“ , Zagreb and is a full professor of pathology at Medical School University of Zagreb, Croatia.


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