Slavica Knežević-Ušaj

Slavica Knežević-Ušaj

Prof. Slavica Knežević-Ušaj was born in Belgrade in 1957. She graduated at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade where she also received her MSc degree in 1988. She completed her residency in pathology in Military Medical Academy of the University of Defence, Belgrade, and became a consultant pathologist at the Institute of Pathology and Forensic Medicine (1986-2005). She received her PhD degree in the field of molecular pathology of colorectal cancer in 2000 at the Military Medical Academy and she became associate professor at the Medical School of University of Defence, Belgrade. Since 2005 she was Head of Pathology Department of Oncology Institute of Vojvodina in Novi Sad and an associate professor at Medical School of University of Novi Sad where she became a Professor in 2016. She was Head of Pathology at Medical School from 2013 to 2019. She was a visiting professor at Medical School in Foca, Eastern Sarajevo University (2001-2013), at Medical School in Podgorica, also at Medical School of Military Medical Academy of University of Defence in Belgrade and these days at Medical School of University of Kragujevac. She completed genetical engineering course in Skoplje (Acad. Efremov) and several tutorials in pathology and citology. She was a visiting lecturer on several local and international congresses and meetings. She participated in organisation of several local congresses as a president of scientific committee or secretary. She was a mentor of more than 10 PhD dissertations. She has published around 180 scientific papers (in extenso or as abstracts), with 28 papers published in extenso in SCI-indexed journals. She is a recensent in several local and international journals, including Oncotarget and APMIS. She participated in several local and international projects, including FP7 project. She is a member of European Society of Pathology and of several local societies, and she is a president of the Expert Committee for Pathology of Republic of Serbia. Her special fields of interest are gastrointestinal pathology and molecular pathology.



9.30 - 10.00

Molecular pathology in colorectal carcinoma - challenges in practice. Can we do better? Slavica Knežević Ušaj (Novi Sad, Serbia)
25 min + 5 min discussion



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